Momoiro Meloik 8

Chapter eight, enjoy.

Momoiro Meloik chapter 8

Momoiro Volume One torrent

Download the chapter from the link in the top bar or view it on batoto.

It seems that I've gotten a cleaner to help me with Momoiro Meloik. As such, I'm now more likely to pick up a second series. I'd like it to be something a little different than Momoiro Meloik so I have some options if one of the series doesn't have my interest on a particular day. I guess you could say that I'd just like "something" to be happening. I certainly enjoy this series, but it isn't very eventful or exciting.

Momoiro Meloik Chapter 1

Today brings a newly translated chapter of Momoiro Meloik.

Momoiro Meloik chapter 1

For those of you that are confused right now, Japanzai labeled chapters two through seven as one through six. Chapter one was not released by them.

Download or view the chapter here, or view on batoto. A volume one torrent will be provided once chapter eight has been completed.

I am seeking help with this series. More than anything I'm interested in finding someone to clean raws and do some redrawing. I can do these myself, but I don't like the work so procrastination ends up making each chapter take much, much longer and much, much more time than it should. If anyone is interested, please contact me in IRC (#ydwtt on IRChighway) or email me at ydwtt[at] I am willing to help out someone that is new to this work as long as they are likable and able to follow directions.

Momoiro Meloik Status

Just in case anyone is checking in waiting for this, I am working on it. I'm trying to pace myself a bit with this series as there is quite a bit more to do than Comic Studio or Banana no Nana.

Also, Japanzai released chapters two through seven as one through six. I'm going to have to fix that.

Momoiro Meloik chapter 2

Banana no Nana END

The unfinished chapters of this nice little story have been completed. It is really a shame that it isn't longer, I think I would have really loved this series.

Banana no Nana

Chapters are available for download here and for viewing here and on batoto.
At nyaa get the Banana no Nana torrent.

Momoiro Meloik is up next. I could really use someone who has some photoshop talent to do redraws and spreads on a semiregular basis. Get in contact in if interested. I'm also considering the possibility of getting typesetter to work with me.

Comic Studio END

Comic Studio END

It's been a fun ride. I'm glad I could enjoy finishing up this series with you guys.

View it here or on batoto, or download the series torrent.

In other news, I got myself wrapped into working on Yandere Kanojo since Vexed seems to have fallen off of the map.
Vexed lives. Hallelujah.


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